Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas!!

The week after Thanksgiving my cousin and I went on a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands. I had no idea how fun they would be. We are already planning our next one!!! And we have decided that we will have healthier bodies by the next one (Dec again). These pictures will be a reminder of that.

our first day, no tans (i am on the right)

a little color!

The next couple weeks after we got back moved so quickly - it is all kind of a blur. Work was crazy, plenty of baking yummy cookies, chocolates, party mixes, etc!! NOT good for my belly! I did somewhat good throughout the last few weeks. Gained 4 pounds now. I know that isn't great but it is better than 1o lbs!

I am actually looking forward to starting my exercise regimen up again and blogging! I am going to be getting my old workout videos out and working them.

Be back in the next couple of days with an update!!!