Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i haven't checked in for 2 weeks! geez.

well last week I was at 218.6.. down 1.4 lbs. Not to bad.

This week I weighed in at 216.4.. that is more like it- down 2.2lbs!

I am officially down 20 pounds!!! It is about time!

Tomorrow is my birthday- turning 22. I remember 3 years ago I wanted to be at my goal weight by now. ha, oh dear. But, I will tell ya, that is not going to stop me from having a good time tomorrow night with my beautiful friends! I haven't decided yet where we are going. This would normally be every persons dream- picking out a place to go. But I DREAD it! I am way too indecisive.

I have been able to sweet talk my dad into going on bike rides with me in this hot/humid heat. Sunday night we went about 6 miles and tonight we went 7. I would love to go further, but I have to give him more time :) I am also SUPER excited, he agreed to go on the pumpkin vine trail bike ride with me on June 17. It will be a 30 mile ride. He is already saying how he/we won't be able to do it- but I know we can :)

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

today is the day

Yesterday was weigh in day.
I didn't post it (or wasn't going to count it) until I weighed myself this morning. I was thinking I was just retaining water.
Up .2lbs.
Which I realize is nothing, but I thought I did really good this week with exercise. I did eat out a lot more than normal, so I am assuming that plays a role in the gain.
Moving on.
I really want to get away from the twentys for good. So by next Tuesday, that is my goal (again!).
What I need to start doing is keep track of my workouts. What I do each day and how much.
That is also going to be my goal this week. Tracking.
This week I have midterms and I am completely stressed! I have so much to do it is unbelievable. I've been majorly slacking on my assignments and now it is biting me in the butt. So until Friday night I will be doing TONS of homework and tests. blah. But that only means that I am getting closer to the END! :)
My cousin posted this quote today and I love it: "this day is the day you will never get back. The only way to make it last is do something amazing and make memories!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010


With all the moving around the last couple of months I cannot find my bodybugg, my notebook that I track my measurements/weight, and my tape measure. I don't get it. I have looked almost everywhere- not sure where else I can look. and right now I can't afford to purchase a new bb- although I would LOVE to, but I want to get a bike rack for my car and those are not cheap.

Speaking of biking tuesday night I went. My mom was using my car (hers was in the shop) so she just dropped me off at Richelle's house and I said I could just ride back to the house since it is only 4 miles away. Well, on the way back to my house I notice that I am riding hard and it is NOT smooth! I decided that once I got off the busy road and onto the county road I would get off and check.. flat tire!! I am still probably 3 miles away from home. Could not believe it! I ended up walking by bike back until my mom was able to come and get me!!

Hoping to take it in Saturday and get a new tube for it.

Going on a bike ride again tonight and I will have to take my sisters. Hopefully no falls :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I hit my goal that I set for myself last week!!
Weighed in this morning (twice, just to make sure) and I am at 219.8! I am just barely out of the 20's but I still made it!

This weekend was amazing and I didn't have my camera, so no pics.

Friday night my good friend Dustin came in from Chicago and I got to spend the evening with him. I ended up staying there until 3:45 in the morning! It was nice.

That brings us to Saturday morning- my friend Michelle and I had planned on meeting at 5am for breakfast and then head to ft wayne for the vera bradley sale. So there wasn't anytime for sleep. When I drove home from Dustins I headed straight for the shower and got ready for breakfast! We ate breakfast and drove to the vera bradley sale to wait in line for about 2.5 hours to enter the building! But that is nothing- I was talking to a bunch of other people that I knew that went and they said that if they would not have left, they would have had to wait at LEAST 6 hours in line! INSANE! Anyways, I ended up buying 5 purses. I love! If you can imagine, I came home and crashed!

Sunday was nice. The high school youth had a labor auction and a meal, which is always fun. After that was a bunch of homework and relaxing.

Tonight, Richelle and I are going on a bike ride. I am exicted since I haven't gotten a chance to go on one since last Tuesday! Plus the weather is just about perfect today- low 70s!

I am going to go ahead and set another goal and be at 216 by next week. 3 lbs.