Thursday, April 29, 2010

the report on being back

this last week was not too bad at all. My food was horrible. I thought I was doing good, but I wasn't counting calories and i know I was eating way over. I did end up exercising the equivalent of 30 minutes for 5 days. My friend Richelle and I have started biking together and we went 3 times last week for about an hr each. I had forgotten how much I love bike riding. And if spark people is correct, an hour bike ride burns just over 600 calories! I wish I could find my bodybugg.. with all the packing and moving, I have seemed to misplace it. Hoping it turns up soon.

now to the weight loss: 1 pound. The scale is moving again! - go figure that when i get my body moving again, I will see results. So that makes me at 223. So close to the teens! Maybe by next tuesday :)

well, hope you all enjoy the the rest of the week! I cannot wait until the weekend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

i'm baaack :)

hello! my fellow blogging friends, it has been far too long. How is it that time goes by so fast. It seriously feels like I never left blogging land. Although, I do have a lot blogs to read from my absents. It sort of feels like every couple months I take a hiatus and than return.. which btw, is not good.

a lot of new and exciting things have happened in my neck of the woods. This could get long- hope I don't bore you :) ...

last december a couple days before christmas we met my sisters birth family for the first time. my sister is 15 and has been struggling for the past few years and to say it nicely, has been quite a handful. She was trying to fill the rejection and void with drinking, smoking, etc. No matter how much love my parents showered her with it wasn't enough, she was still struggling. and I get that. Well, after a LOT of prayers, her birth mom called the interpreter and asked if we would want to meet. A true answer to prayer. God is amazing. Within the last month, the family (birth mom-who we call ma, sister, and sister's baby boy) moved in with us, as the birth dad (pa) was sent to jail.

Before Pa got sent to jail, I moved out of my Grandparent's house for the winter and had an offer to move into a house with 3 other people. Which I jumped at that chance. So it all worked perfect. All in one weekend: I moved out of the grandparents place, moved into my new house and the birth family moved into my parent's house. It was all God's timing.

Here are a few pictures of when we first met the family:

the little ham
the whole family

On to weight related news: I tried on like 4 shirts today and decided that I couldn't walk out of the house let alone go down the stairs and be seen by the housemates. So I changed and put on a sweatshirt. Problem solved. My cousin trisha, told me a while back that guys know how big you are, even if you try and cover it up.. I guess it makes sense. I mean, you cannot hide fat.

Tonight the housemates and I went on a bike ride. We went about 5 miles and boy oh boy was I huffing and puffing! My lungs are still hurting, 3 hrs later!
This pic is actually from last fall and the bottom two girls are who I live with.

OH! I weighed myself this morning after not in like a month and I am at 224. yay, no gain here :)

My goal this week: exercise at least 30 minutes, five days this week. totally attainable, 1 day is already done.

I'll write soon..