Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday was my ACTUAL ortho appointment. I only have a few months to go and I can finally get my braces off! After yesterday's apt, my teeth are hurting so bad. I have to be so careful when eating.

Weigh in: 213.8lbs. Not so good of a weight loss, only .4lbs but at least it is going down. My dad and I didn't get a chance to bike at all last week and my exercise was maybe a video here and there. This week will be different. I am setting a goal to be 210 and under; that would be awesome.

I have finals this week and boy am I ever stressed. My project management II class is completed. Have to finish a paper and an essay for my e-business class and 3 assignments and a final for my accounting II class all by friday. whew, I never have written it out and I realize I have a lot to do. Thankfully after this week I get a week vacation and I will have my final quarter of school.

Saturday is the pumpkin vine bike ride!! I can't wait. Last night my dad and I rode 10 miles.. that is 1/3 of the trail. 30 miles is the longest either of us have rode in a consecutive time period, but I know we can do it.

Enjoy your day..


  1. Ugh. I HATED ortho appointments. My teeth always hurt afterward. I was so glad to get those darn things off after 2 1/2 years! Now I hate the taste of metal in my mouth and will never use metal silverware again.

  2. hope you are having a great weekend!