Tuesday, June 22, 2010

weekend bliss.

not even sure where to start. I suppose I will jump right on in there and talk about my previous post. I did so much activity this weekend and I thought I did good on my food. Stepped on the scale this morning and it read 214.8. Sure, it is only a pound increase but a big kick in the gut when I thought for sure I was losing. This mornings weigh in put me in a terrible mood all day. I am trying hard to get past it and move on. I cannot let it beat me down.

Now, what I did this weekend--

Friday night we had a huge wind storm.. 70-90 mph winds. It was crazy. We ended up losing power until Saturday morning. I feel fortunate, I live in town but just one county road over from my parent's house that just got electric back yesterday! Crazy. There were trees down/uprooted all over.

Saturday was the day I have been waiting on for weeks- the bike ride!! My dad and I got there at about 9:30am ish and took off. It went so smoothly. We did 30 miles. We got I cannot wait until next year. I think I will do the 60 mile ride. Even my dad, who was stressing said we will have to do it again next year- yay!

My plate at our SAG
the pretzels were a bad idea..my mouth got terribly dry

my dad and i

Came home from the ride and had to get ready for the wedding. It was beautiful.

the newly married couple.

Sunday after church we had a graduation open house that I was helping at. I decided to bike there.. about a 10 mile trek. The sun was got beaming down and when I finally got there I was a sweaty mess with a beat red face! When we got home from the open house we decided to start the cleanup of the aftermath of friday nights storm at my parents house. A full trailer load of tree branches we loaded and unloaded. There is still another 2 loads yet to deal with. With all that hard labor I figured for sure I would have a weight loss this week, not a gain.

Like I said, I need to move on.

Hopefully next week will show better results..

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  1. That happened to me when I first started with my personal trainer. She said to be patient and it would come off in a week or two. I stayed the same for 2 weeks and then lost 8 lbs! So hang in there and keep at it and you will see it go away next week :)